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Success Stories

Catalina - our baby girl. She was born healthy at 42 weeks and 3 days weighing 7 lbs, 15 ounces and 22 inches long. We are just so very grateful for this blessing. I just know that Dr. Wilson's care, thoroughness, wisdom and efforts helped us to conceive and we are so very grateful. I have no doubt that Dr. Wilson will be a positive influence in the lives of her patients to come. Thank you again for helping to provide this great joy in our lives! With Deepest Thanks, Lisa and Millan

Brian and I had a difficult time conceiving our first child, and frustratingly an even more difficult time afterwards. We researched a lot and decided to become educated in an alternate method of NFP than we were using because we wanted the ability to handle my medical issues differently than the mainstream medical community was offering. The Creighton Method was what we thought would best fit our needs and after our instruction, we found Dr. Wilson. She was a 3 hour drive away, but we decided to make the long trip and scheduled an appointment to see her. It was definitely worth the long commute to be treated by a physician who respected our natural approach. She was so thorough and committed to helping us find a solution to my medical issues and helped provide a quality of life I hadn't realized for so long. Within 7 months of evaluation and following Dr. Wilson's treatment plan we were blessed to discover that we had conceived our second child. - Aleesa

Isabelle Collete: Born 7lbs, 6oz, 20.5 inches. God is good! We struggled with infertility for nearly three years. It was an incredibly difficult cross for us to bear; a suffering that I know many other couples suffer- for even longer than us- as well. Dr. Wilson was the doctor we began seeing in the Fall of last year. In a day and age where many people are looking closely at organic foods and more natural, homeopathic treatments, I am amazed that we omit our fertility from this search. We found much of the "mainstream" advice for infertility to be truly humiliating and difficult to go through. NaPro treatments were holistic, and respectful of the couple. Dr. Wilson looks at both the husband and wife's complete medical health and makes recommendations for change based on this analysis.

When sitting down with Dr. Wilson, we immediately knew that this was different. She took so much time to explain the process, how it was different and answer our questions. We loved that the process actually included trying to diagnose the problem, instead of simply trying to circumvent it through various drugs or mechanical means such as IUI or IVF. We also really enjoyed that it was a God-centered process and included my husband much more than any other process we had encountered. After some great training, I charted for several months and then began to complete the blood tests. After a few months there was a diagnosis! I had scant mucus and low progesterone in my luteal phase. We began treatment with various mucus enhancers and HCG shots. By the second month I noticed a big difference and by the third month I was getting an ultrasound in Dr. Wilsons's office and seeing my tiny baby for the first time. It was a miracle. - Danielle

Thank you especially for all of your help and guidance. Without your assistance, our son would not be here. He is such a precious blessing from God. We are so very thankful. Alana, Jeff, and Josiah

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