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Services & Packages

General Information regarding insurance/fees:

At this time, we do not contract with insurance companies for service except laboratory and some imaging. After the initial consultation 1/2 of the package fee is due at the next visit and the remaining balance can be paid in 2 installments. If not enrolled in the infertility treatment program, you pay for services after each visit. A superbill with the according medical codes will be provided at each visit. You may submit the provided information to your insurance company. For example, most of our patients are reimbursed 80% after they have met their deductible. Please check with your insurance company for specific benefit information.

Please call for current package pricing.

  • Payments will be collected at the time of service and may be made by cash, check or credit/debit.
  • There is no part-reimbursement of fees in the event of pregnancy occurring earlier than 12 months of treatment, or if either the infertility or miscarriage prevention programs are abandoned prematurely.
  • If pregnancy has not occurred by the time the 12 month infertility program has been completed, treatment can be continued on a per consultation cost.

Infertility Evaluation and Treatment Package Overview

Initial Medical Consultation: Duration - approx 1.5 hours

  • Overview and explanation of the Naprotechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) approach
  • Review of previous fertility investigations and treatments where appropriate
  • Detailed history taking and recording
  • Explanation and proposal/arrangement of initial investigations
  • Explanation of the role of Fertility Care Practitioner in the evaluation and management process; information on registering with a Fertility Care Practitioner (if not already a client of a Fertility Care Practitioner)

Duration of the Infertility Evaluation and Treatment Program is for up to 12 calendar months from and including the 2nd consultation. Initial consultation cost will be applied to the total package cost.

Second Consultation: Duration - approx 1.5hrs

  • Review of results of investigations requested at initial consultation and physical examination
  • Assessment of the Couple's Fertility Care Chart in relation to diagnosis and treatment
  • Proposal/arrangement of further evaluation (including any necessary referral) based on the initial investigation/evaluation outcome
  • Treatment proposal and explanation
  • Issuing of prescriptions if required

Follow-up Consultations: Duration - approx 1hr (usually at 1-3 month intervals)

  • Including review of ongoing fertility charting and results of further investigations
  • Treatment/management review
  • Pelvic ultrasound scanning as necessary
  • Issuing of prescriptions

Between medical follow-up consultations:

  • Telephone or e-mail review of hormone blood tests in every cycle of treatment and review of medication used for the following cycle
  • Monthly cycle review
  • Any consultation between Dr. Wilson and other treating physicians/surgeons

Other Services

Ultrasound Follicle Tracking (Diagnostic)

  • including as many scans as required - usually up to 7
  • initial scan on CD 5 then Pk -4 though rupture daily ultrasound

Surgical Consult/Evaluation
Dr. Wilson only offers non surgical services. Many aspects of infertilty can be treated successfully using a medical approach, although a complete infertility evaluation requires a laparoscopy, selective hysterosalpingogram, as well as possible D&C or hysteroscopy. Often times surgical evaluation and treatment can significantly improve reproductive function. Dr. Wilson works with Napro trained surgeons. Surgery will be an additional expense to the patient not included in the infertility treatment package.

Miscarriage Prevention Package

  • Initial Consultation Cost
  • Infertility Evaluation and Treatment Programme
  • Includes: same as for initial medical consultation in Infertility Evaluation and Treatment Program
  • Follow-up Consultations (if required)
  • Hormone Management
  • this includes hormone monitoring and, if required, hormone treatment in perimenopause, or for the treatment of PMS
  • Pregnancy scan (dating and viability only)

Targeted Hormonal Profiling
Involves multiple blood draws timed to a womens cycle. This would be a separate charge to the patient either which may be covered through private insurance.

Other Women's Health Conditions
Including Irregular menstrual cycles, Irregular bleeding, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Initial Consultation (payment on the day of consultation): Duration - approx 1.5hrs (Includes: same as for initial medical consultation in Infertility Evaluation and Treatment Program)
  • Follow-up Consultations: Duration - approx 1hr

Pelvic Ultrasound Scan (if required)

Frequently Asked Questions

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